Price Is Everything? Not Always. Pay Now, Or Pay Later…right?

In today’s economy, most families have both parents working full time (or more) just to cover expenses. So, they would likesome help with home maintenance, and price always becomes a part of the decision on who to hire – a lot of individuals can be good sales people and convince you that there’s nothing wrong, and etc. But the potential customer should understand that sometimes the old saying of “you get what you pay for” is more than true, it can be awfully expensive in the long run.

When hiring an uninsured worker, even unintentially, you are breaking the law and assume all liabilities.  The home owner is responsible to investigate the legal status of any contractor who will be performing services at your house. And, don’t forget any and all damage, breakage or theft of anything in your home. To some, this may not sound like much of a liability, but remember inexperienced individuals or sub contactors can do thousands of dollars of damage to many surfaces in today’s homes; marble, granite, hardwood flooring, fiberglass tubs, glass, carpeting and etc.  What if someone slips and falls?  Knocks over bleach on you flooring?  Gets a chemical on their skin or in their eyes?

You are their employer if they do not have all the proper compliance, so guess who is on the line for THEIR medical…their LOSS OF WORK?

Yeah, you’re saying, “I know all this stuff already and anyway, no one ever gets caught for this kind of stuff!”

Guess what? A little research on this subject will quickly reveal that people, often unsuspecting home owners are being caught and fined on just these circumstances.

And then, the whole matter becomes even worse if the worker (who may be your new employee) is an undocumented alien.

Kinda makes you wonder if the $30-$50 savings is really worth it.

 Axiom House Cleaning Services is in full compliance with licenses, bonding and insurance – giving you confidence and peace-of-mind.

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